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Island Baby Doctor free download

Island Baby Doctor

19.70MB   Version: 7.2.1

Island Baby Doctor
Island Baby Doctor
Island Baby Doctor
Island Baby Doctor
Island Baby Doctor

Island Baby Doctor Description

Carla is staying on the island and fishing because is boring with her friends in this summer holiday. She knows that a group of sharks close to shore so that they continue fishing, but after a few minutes, a small shark bit her leg and now crying for help. Lifeguards noticed Carla went so fast and took her to the hospital for help. We need to measure heart rate and to take his pulse after which must masunam temperature . We need to administer an injection to relieve the pain. We need to anoint his feet with a cream to disinfect the injured area and then must apply a layer of hydrogen peroxide. We need to clean all traces near the wound to be bandaged them later, but we have to do very fine because Carla crying pretty hard. Subsequently he must administer cough syrup, some pills for the pain was trying to improve it and a teaspoon of antibiotic. Please try other games for girls in our class to see if you can handle.

Instructions: Use your fingers to play


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Package name:

Version: 7.2.1

Requirement: Android  2.3

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