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MusicTube - Free free download

MusicTube - Free

2.30MB   Version: 1.2.1

MusicTube - Free
MusicTube - Free
MusicTube - Free
MusicTube - Free
MusicTube - Free

MusicTube - Free Description

MusicTube is full of the hottest Music videos from YouTube. We provide the simplest way for music junkies to access tens of thousands wonderful music for FREE. If you love music and enjoy watching music videos, MusicTube is no doubt the best app for you.

68% of the new users become our active user, they stick with us by enjoy free music on MusicTube from YouTube.

MusicTube is a clear, simple , yet powerful music app for music lovers all over the world, with 4 star of average rating!

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Main features:

-Focus on music video

Collect from youtube music to give you a pure music world

Provide u with hottest and newest music trends

-Aim for music junkies

Stick to the idol you love by following the channel

Check the newest activities of your best singers (coming soon)

-Enjoy powerful tools

Take unlimited videos into your collection

Search millions of music videos


MusicTube - Free App Info

Package name: com.team_wye.musictube_free

Version: 1.2.1

Requirement: Android  4.0

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