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Thunder Raid free download

Thunder Raid

98.84MB   Version: 1.0.28

Thunder Raid
Thunder Raid
Thunder Raid
Thunder Raid
Thunder Raid

Thunder Raid Description

Thunder Raid is a fun, fast and frantic plane shoot 'em up with multiple stages and striking visuals. Combine your plane and a WeChat friend's into a super plane and let the destruction begin!
Smooth controls, multiple combat and ammo barrage action, and an awesome combiner mode brings you the best gaming experience with Thunder Raid.
Thunder Raid is free to download and play. Some in-game items are available for you to purchase with real-world money; however, doing so is NOT required for a GREAT GAMING EXPERIENCE.

【Add In-game Friends】
Add any pilot as your game friend.

【TOP Challenges】
Join the TOP Challenges to prove yourself! Guess the champion and win amazing rewards!

【New Surprise Mode】
Don't miss the exciting Surprise events: Coin Strikes, BOSS Fight, Firing Line and Cube Tunnel.

【New Pet Hatching】
Hatch eggs for higher-level pets! New crown pets have powerful skills that can help boost your score!

【Smooth Controls】
Pilot your plane with one finger.

【Combiner Mode】
Combine your plane with a friend's to get a tracking missile that locks onto the enemy’s plane!

【New Co-op PVP】
Should to should with your fellows or players around the world in Co-op PVP

【New cooperative mode】
Fight shoulder to shoulder with your friends or players around the world in the new Cooperative mode

【Pilot Legions】
Fight side by side with your legion fellows!

【New Journey Mode】
Form your TF, challenge the 12 Zodiac lords and earn great rewards

【Hyper Planes】
Experience the overwhelming power of Hyper planes!

【Superior Tasks】
Complete superior tasks in Scenario mode for great rewards

【Pet Fragments】
Collect pet fragments to summon powerful pets!

【Scenario Mode】
Save your buddies and become the hero.

【PVP Battle】
Challenge your friends and players from all over the globe and see who’s top gun!

【New Planes and Items】
New planes and pets bring new fun!

【New Stock in Credit Shop 】
More items are available in Credit Shop.

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Thunder Raid App Info

Package name: com.tencent.wechatstorm

Version: 1.0.28

Requirement: Android  2.3

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